Questions & Answers About Waxing
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Q:What kind of waxing can I have done?

You can have anything from facial to Brazilian. We offer bikini, full legs, arms, chest, back, nose, ears, toes, and abdomen. Just about any body part that has hair! Many men have back and chest waxing, as well as nose and ears. Body waxing is a safe and economical treatment for hair removal on men and women alike.


Q:What are the advantages of waxing?

When hair is removed via waxing, the full hair is pulled out at the root. When it grows back, it is softer. When you shave, the hair is cut off at the level of the skin, so as it grows out, it is thicker and stiff. You are more likely to have in-grown hair with shaving. If you wax on a regular basis (every 4 to 5 weeks), the hair will start growing back on the same growth cycle, so after about 3 months, you will have longer periods of "hairlessness."


Q:Can I get waxed and airbrush tan in same day?

We recommend you wait 24 hours in between appointments; however some clients spray right after bikini waxing and results are fine. We do not recommend getting airbrushed after leg, chest, back or arm waxing.


Q:What is a Brazilian wax?

This service removes all hair in the bikini area, from front to back. In other words, everything goes!


Q:What is the difference between a bikini and enhanced bikini?

Bikini: Hair is removed along side the bikini line. Enhanced bikini: All hair is removed, except a landing strip.


Q:How long should I wait between waxing appointments?

It's recommended to come in every 4 weeks. The hair must be at least 1/4 inch long to wax.


Q:Can men get a Brazilian Wax?

Yes, however there is an additional charge for men simply because there is more area to wax.


Q:How do men and women prepare for a Brazilian wax?

If this is your first Brazilian please trim the hair back to 1/2 inch in length before coming in.


Q:What do I wear during my Brazilian waxing session?

You will be asked to remove all your clothing from the waist down


Q:What kind of wax do you use?

For Brazilian waxing, we use mostly hard wax. Hard wax is great for more sensitive areas such as under arms, bikini, etc. It doesn't pull the skin as much, therefore is less painful. For large areas such as backs, legs, etc., we use strip wax, as this is ideal for quick and thorough waxing.


Q:Are you male or female?

Our estheticians are all women.


General Information for Men and Women:

  • Limit caffeine for several hours prior to appointment.
  • Clients who normally take Ibuprofen for pain may find this helpful 30 minutes prior to treatment.
  • Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long for waxing.
  • If this is your first Brazilian, trim hair back to 1/2 inch before coming in.


Does Brazilian Waxing Hurt?

Men and women alike ask if Brazilian waxing hurts. Well, yes, a little, especially the first time. It hurts for a second, but is quick and the pain leaves as fast as it comes. Again, if you trim the hair back to around 1/2 inch before coming in, it doesn't pull as much, and helps for that first visit.


Men and Brazilian Waxing

Now, for your specific questions on Brazilian waxing for men. The most common question we get from people in general is "why would a guy want a Brazilian wax?" My reply is, "why does a woman have this service done?" Generally we do it to feel clean and smooth, or perhaps we do it to be sexier for our significant other. Maybe we just like the way it looks. Men are no different. Some athletes do it for competition (body builders need to be absolutely hair free). Cyclists do it because they perspire and can easily get ingrown hairs from shaving. So there are many different reasons men and women have this service done.


Waxing Contra-indications

You should not wax if you are taking blood thinners, oral or topical acne medication (Accutane) or are using over the counter acne medication. Skin that is being treated with Retin A, Renova or other strong exfoliates such as glycolic acid products, should avoid waxing. No waxing on sunburned skin. If you have Diabetes, you should have a written release from your physician stating that in his/her opinion is it safe for you to have body waxing performed.






Body and Facial Waxing


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